by Alexander Fury .

Jonathan Kelsey's 'High'

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Another example of fashion brands harnessing the increasingly omnipotent medium of film to get their message across, this latest is courtesy of shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey, who teams with director Sara Dunlop and writer Gregory de Roeck to create High, his first foray into movie-making, starring French actress Joana Preiss, which premieres in London tonight.

Of this latest creative venture, Kelsey himself states “We’ve seen a lot of fashion shorts come out recently for various labels. They always look great, but can feel like stretched-out commercials, loaded with lifeless product.” By contrast, Kelsey's shoes are incidental in this dramatic and elegiac film, which was intended to "echo the brand in its dark, edgy aesthetic. There’s a tough/sexy feel to my Autumn/Winter 2009 collection that is reflected here." Tackling a narrative in a manner many other Fashion Films tend to eschew (perhaps by nature of the team behind it?), Kelsey confirms that the intention was always that High "should feel like a genuine short film, and that both the look and narrative should be dark.”

We won't ruin the surprise for you, suffice to say there's a twist in the tale and all is not what it may immediately appear - and hopefully we won't have to wait until next season to see the sequel.


  1. monokul
    05:52 16 Jul 2009
    Great! This is realy great! It feels like real movie. I love the photography in this short. Great thing..!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    07:57 17 Jul 2009
    PIC>REF: 2008_05_01_archive...
    I love a THRILLER! .... and this looks promising as far as a SHOE mini-thriller
    goes .......... but then I'm wondering were did she leave the ' incriminating ' SHOE ? ... the clue to why all went terribly wrong the day she decided to wear
    those unexpectedly harmless but totally 'FATAL' SHOES? !!
    Can't wait for the follow up to unmask the 'KILLER SHOE'! :):)
  3. KaWai
    06:19 18 Jul 2009
    I liked it. Mysterious, I thought it was a murder for drugs, but in the end, not really. I like the ambiguity, not completely explained. Left me thinking.
  4. alexpolier
    17:40 19 Jul 2009
    i love this. many fashion co.s are doing this, but this is one of the better ones i've seen. much better than lagerfeld's silent movie.
  5. on
    13:33 20 Jul 2009
    Beautifully shot, but I think someone owes a debt to Claire Denis for her film "Trouble Every Day"...
  6. AA
    14:06 24 Jul 2009
    What a horrid, vile story-line.
    No wonder this world is full of sickos.