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Jonathan Saunders live panel discussion at 18:30 GMT

At 18:30 GMT on Sunday 17 February SHOWstudio hosts its a second live panel discussion for the day. Following on from the dynamic debates on the Mary Katrantzou live panel, is a discussion directed at Jonathan Saunders’ Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Accompanying SHOWstudio’s very own Lou Stoppard, as chair, is our inspiring and high profile set of panelists. 

Adding her insights to the discussion will be the head of college at the London College of Fashion and FRSA Frances Corner. As international fashion editor of The Australian Financial Review, Marion Hume shares her amazing fashion industry knowledge particularly looking at the role of retail and commerce in fashion. Director of media at the London College of Fashion, Maggie Norden will join Corner and Hume to offer her interpretations on the collection based on her wide-ranging career in broadcast journalism. Norden understands the role of media in presenting and promoting fashion particularly for brands such as Jonathan Saunders, whose consistency and prints are viewed as his greatest strengths. Rounding up our sensational panel is founder of Liberty London Girl blog and LLG social media consultancy Sasha Wilkins

Tune in at 18:30 GMT for another print centric collection and debate, this time looking at the Scottish designers rigorous and sensual approach to colour and detail.

Don’t miss the Jonathan Saunders live panel discussion!