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Joseph Lally's new Soap Opera

We're excited to present the first in a series of films by filmmaker and SHOWstudio favourite Joseph Lally, under the overarching title of Soap Opera. Lally describes the series as 'a Warholian epic of people of the worst morals under going a breakdown, as if Andy Warhol had his own soap operas.'

The first film, entitled Episode#1: Miss America Commits Suicide, stars actress Lauren Foster. To sit alongside it, Chris Sutton chatted with Foster on Skype on the subject of fame, betrayal and some of her story so far. 

'Lauren herself is a reality TV star, put in Joseph's rather bleak fashion film.. so it seemed apt to have her on Skype in a sort of Warholian filmed chat,' Sutton explained. 

Watch Episode#1: Miss America Commits Suicide, and Sutton and Foster's Skype interview now!