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Joseph Lally's Soap Opera saga continues!

SHOWstudio regular contributor, Joseph Lally has created a series of films under the title of Soap OperaThe latest episode is now available to watch exclusively!

As a hand-held camera pans shakily up a naked figure in the shower, the director slowly says 'I am only interested in your talent'.

The premiering film in Lally's on-going series left us desiring more of an escape into the dark flipside of the Hollywood world; more fake smiles, more glimpses of angst in the eyes, more characters who blur the line between acting and reality. In Lally's latest segment, #Episode 2: Mr America, the screen test-esque epic continues. 

'Everyone who's been an actor has been in prison' from behind the camera the director speaks to Bobby, the potential 'Mr. America', introducing him to the notion of becoming an actor. He asks him to read a script, to take his shirt off, to drink tequila, to talk about why he killed 'that dumb bitch.' 

Immerse yourself in Lally's gripping world.