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J.W. Anderson and Alexander McQueen panels now available!
Revisit our L:CM live panel discussions

If you missed this weeks live discussion panels on the Alexander McQueen and J.W. Anderson shows, or simply want to go over the finer points again, you can now watch them on demand.

The absorbing debate on McQueen covered the legacy of the design house, the idea of darkness as a selling point and the idea of recession proof luxury. Listen as these topics and more are discussed by our expert panelists including photographer Jez Tozer and McQueen's previous DJ Jeffrey Hinton, with this being the first show Hinton has seen since Lee McQueen's passing. 

For our J.W. Anderson live panel chairperson Daryoush Haj-Najafi was joined by Hettie JudahMatthew HensonDan Thawley and Maarten van der Horst. Watch the panel discussion on demand now to hear our guests debate what makes the designer so sucsessful, his domesticated aesthetic and the ideas around adrogony as a marketing tool. 

Join in the debate and watch the on demand footage now!