by Penny Martin .

Karl Lagerfeld shocker!

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We've never before been granted KL tickets so I'm not sure if my assumption that 'strict tailoring in the image of the designer himself wasn't really my thing' was actually a case of sour grapes. Imagine my surprise then, dear reader, in finding these young women looking remarkably assured in their feminine, beautifully fitted city suits and flat, lace-up shoes. Modern, even. Admittedly, this is the slickest show I've seen this season so far and my head may have been turned by the supermodels who, lets face it, could make anything look good. And yet...the memory of my final show of last night still lingers. I take it all back- Karl's own line definitely has a certain something of its own.


  1. alex.fury
    11:16 27 Feb 2008
    I got very overexcited by the Karl footage. This is not conducive to a productive day's work...
  2. Terence
    11:28 28 Feb 2008
    Does anyone know what the music is? Apologies for my ignorance if it's an obvious one.
  3. Terence
    19:25 3 Mar 2008
    Just found it MGMT - 'Kids'