by Sarah Kathryn Cleaver .

Kate Moss gems from our archive

Enjoyed today's interview with Kate Moss? We've built up quite an archive of projects starring the incomparable model over the years. There's the intimate and playful Billie Jean - Mossy doing her best Michael Jackson impression. There's Editing Kate, where footage filmed during Nick Knight's editorial shoot for Vogue Italia is re-used and re-interpreted by a selection of video editors. There's also White Wedding - back in 2008 when Joe Corre was still at the helm of Agent Provocatuer, Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben created a campaign and six fashion films for the British lingerie brand depicting Moss as a jilted bride hell-bent on revenge. And then there's that time, when asked how she wanted to express Moving Fashion, she responded to the brief with 'I just want to pogo.'

My personal favourite? As a dedicated follower of nineties fashion, it can only be the recently released but two decades old The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become, the first time Knight shot Moss, and only the second fashion film he made.