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Kate Moss month!
Nick Knight opens up his Moss archive

Nick Knight will be releasing a curation of imagery gathered from his decades-long working relationship with Kate Moss!

Following our monthly tradition of SHOWstudio Tumblr curations, where content surrounding a specific theme or chosen by a guest contributor is posted, we're excited to announce a very special Kate Moss curation by our own Nick Knight! Throughout both their careers the photographer and model have worked together on countless creative pieces, from covers, editorials, sculptures and advertising campaigns to SHOWstudio projects from Editing Kate to the voyeristic Diamonds. Over the next month Knight will be posting Kate-centric content that is largely unseen, or seen in an entirely new way! The project times with the launch of Moss' new Topshop collection, the campaign for which was shot by Knight.

Through revisiting the work currently inside a stack of archive boxes in the SHOWstudio office, Knight seeks to recontextualise our view of the iconic model and consider the idea of the image as object. Continuing his preoccupation with demystifying and revealing the world of fashion, the content he releases through-out May will take a step away from the finialised and glossy photographs of Kate, looking instead at the imagery in situ, whether as a test polaroid carefully stored or a billboard out in the real world. In a wider sense, Knight will examine his and Moss' work in relation to the way it is recieved by its viewers. 

The curation begins today, stay tuned to see Kate Moss from a new perspective!