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Kate Moss Month is wrapping up soon
See the latest from Nick Knight's archive

All month long, Nick Knight has been revisiting the extensive archive from his two decades-long working relationship with Kate Moss, exploring the idea of recontextualising the image of the iconic model. He has revisited some of the most memorable imagery of his career, from Kate in David Bowie's pale blue suit, to the second fashion film he ever made in 1995!

The latest set of images revolve around White Wedding, an Agent Provocateur campaign shot from 2008, during Joe Corré's time at the helm. The elaborate shoot, featuring projections, props, people, animals and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, has been unravelled by film editor Younji Ku and transformed into imagery that reveals the 'previously unseen building blocks.' Knight says, 'out of all the imagery I created, somehow the vision of Jake Chapman ramming chocolate eclairs into his eye sockets will remain with me forever'.

Keep following the Tumblr curation, and revisit White Wedding to see the final campaign and fashion films!