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Kristen McMenamy talks Mert & Marcus!

Today, we are launching the next segment of Subjective, a series of interviews conducted by Nick Knight to unveil the history of contemporary fashion photography from the perspectives of models. This week’s interview is with Kristen McMenamy, who discusses her experiences being shot underwater, bondage-style with photography duo Mert & Marcus for LOVE magazine. 

The picture is a murky underwater shot of McMenamy with her arms and legs tied behind her, in an authentic S&M style bondage pose. McMenamy discusses her initial discomfort, feeling claustrophobic and deep underwater without the ability to move or swim for air. ‘But I will do anything for a good picture,’ she says. When asked about the prospect of dying on a photoshoot, she laughs, saying many people in the fashion world would love it; ‘I won’t name names, but…’ 

Watch this candid interview now, and stay tuned for more, rare Subjective interviews!