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Kylie Jenner's V Magazine Editorial 'Sheer' Goes Live

On the 4 July 2017, Nick Knight united with stylist Anna Trevelyan and entrepreneur and TV reality star Kylie Jenner, for an editorial for V Magazine, entitled Sheer

Exploring the life of one of the most exposed figures in the world, Knight reflects Jenner's infamous figure in a series of images that reveal the raw physicality of the youngest Kardashian. Enveloped in diaphanous garments and delicate metal mouthpieces by Trevelyan, the social media mogul is shown in a whole new light. 

Discover the full editorial gallery, including final photographs, plus behind the scenes footage of styling, hair and makeup and exclusive stills from the shoot, broadcast in real time. And see the Sheer editorial in V Magazine available from the 31st of August 2017.