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Lady Dior's Fashion Film Foray

Marion Cotillard and her Lady Dior perch on La Tour Eiffel

The behemoth that is the LVMH group have swung their considerable weight into the Fashion Film arena, with a foray into online motion image focussing on Christian Dior's reinvented Lady Dior bag. Interestingly, Dior's latest excursion is very much designed for the digital age: far from a web-hosted fashion show video or perfume commercial, the short film, starring Marion Cotillard, comes sliced into a series of four shorts to draw viewers back to the site for new installments (it looks as if the rate will be one per season, to chime with John Galliano's collections). Equally, the video itself contains links to 'circulate' and 'share' the film, encouraging a viral online campaign of unsolicited publicity via fashion blogs and forums. Evidently, Dior aims to harness the considerable power of the internet to publicise its wares and raise brand awareness globally.

With actresses featuring in fashion print advertisements (not least Cotillard herself chez Dior), it's perhaps only natural that fashion will start to seep into film in a far more blatant manner than mere tacit endorsement. In this film, despite Cotillard's presence, the real star is the bag - whether it's the cannage quilting echoed in the crosshatched girders of la Tour Eiffel, or the product itself literally taking centre-stage, clutched in Cotillard's hand or shot still-life. This first installment, Lady Noire, alludes to the eponymous film noir genre, aped in the plot of the short as well as its predominantly monochrome colour palette - and on a more basic level, the colour of the bag itself. The next installment, 'Lady Rouge', is slated to appear on a fashion blog near you later this year.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:57 27 May 2009
    Wonderfully dramatic ! .... can't think of a better line for such advert : " I'll never let anything bad happen to you .... you know I'm not afraid .... I'll do it for you ... I'll do it for us " Of course who else can it be? but her most precious, faithful and unconditionally loyal companion ... her INSEPARABLE DIOR BAG !
    Immaculate attention to detail .... I LOVE IT !!! .... it really works ! ... at least if one loves THRILLERS and PASSIONATE LADIES who love DANGER :):) .. :)
    Great SHOT at the top of ' Le Torre Eiffel ' ... it somehow reminds me of KING KONG :)
    Love to watch the follow up and see what happens to the guy tied with the rope ! .... a great detail for a thrilling handbag ... but then totally DIOR :):)
  2. ianidaziko
    06:57 1 Jun 2009
    So noir, so beautiful.
  3. saint
    14:08 1 Jun 2009
    strange, I thought it was a very poor attempt at making a fashion film, considering everything they have access to in talent and financially.
  4. NestorOsuna
    11:47 14 Jun 2009
    Very nice bag! and I think that Mademoisselle Marion Cotillard is the perfect french woman!
  5. NestorOsuna
    11:56 14 Jun 2009
    Very Nice! I think Marion Cotillard represent the image of the perfect french woman!!