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Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Poster Download - Piece 16 Available Now!

We're Gaga for Gaga - especially as anticipation builds and we near the final unveil of Nick Knight's visual remix of the Born This Way cover art in its entirety. Today, piece 16 is unleashed on site, but just in case you missed any pieces, you can still download all sections to date and start assembling your own homage to the Lady herself. Later this month, we will officially open the floor to submissions of your own interpretations of Knight's remix and invite Little Monsters across the globe to send in photographs of their own assemblage of this unique piece of Gaga memorabilia.


  1. Gwali
    02:55 20 Jun 2011
    Amazing artpieces from new album BORN THIS WAY a really fantastic! just 4 pieces less.
  2. Gwali
    03:09 20 Jun 2011
    An amazing artpieces from new Album BORN THIS WAY, really fantastic, just 4 pieces less.
  3. Gwali
    03:17 22 Jun 2011
    This is the last one, the born of 11 has begun.
  4. Gwali
    05:43 22 Jun 2011
    The real nature of every pieces has revealed, the meaning is inside of us and masterpieces smoke at all.
  5. Alex1407
    11:32 22 Jun 2011
    My Gaga ^-^