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Lady Gaga: Born This Way Video - Directed by Nick Knight, Now Online!

Today we launch Lady Gaga's latest collaboration with world-renown image maker and founder Nick Knight - the video for her latest single, 'Born This Way'. Shot earlier this year in her home town of New York and directed by Knight, this latest expression of the multifaceted creativity of Lady Gaga gives the first taste of a new visual identity for this already iconic musical artist.


  1. CharlieStrand
    19:34 28 Feb 2011
    Fantastic video, congratulations to everyone involved in making it!
  2. onu
    22:05 1 Mar 2011

  3. Bob
    15:39 2 Mar 2011
    So fantastically beautiful.
  4. AndrewSmith
    19:36 2 Mar 2011
    Wow! Fantastically done!
  5. OliverJerold
    10:48 18 Mar 2011
    Such a great collaboration between artists. Can instantly recognize all of the contributors styles. Love it!
  6. sambrown
    10:27 9 Jun 2011
    Debatable vocalist Gaga is now discovering that her reputation follows her abroad. Her already-platinum album "Born This Way" has been prohibited in Lebanon. United States fans have already snatched up the record to the tune of 1.1 million albums. I found this here: Lady Gaga album banned in Lebanon,
  7. JimmieMacGuffin
    16:41 10 Jun 2011
    Sorry guys this is one of the most appalling videos ever made. An amalgam of cross referential retro bollocks such a shame that all your good intentions have come to naught. Hubris baby.