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Lady Gaga Image - now to be released NEW YEAR'S EVE

Nick Knight's new image of Lady Gaga will now be released via and Lady Gaga's Twitter on NEW YEAR'S EVE, 31 December 2010. A wonderful way to see in 2011 - watch this space for more soon!


  1. cerullom
    14:04 25 Dec 2010
    This is the period of my life I'm loving the most. That is to say that Lady Gaga is changing my life in better. Thanks to her I am achieving mind-freedom, soul-freedom, social-freedom every day more. I cannot wait for Born This Way and for the new tour for the complete liberation.
    Paws Up Little Monster.
  2. MitchMonster
    16:45 25 Dec 2010
    SO ANGRY. my christmas has been so crap and i thought this would cheer my day up like,, i was counting on it. bloody ruined, gonna just eat chocolate all day now, and cry,,,cry, so thanks alot showstudio, cant even keep to your word.
    yes, im taking my anger out on u,
  3. windrider2
    17:49 25 Dec 2010
    I don't know who decided to delay the release but I want them to know this. Last night thousands, if not millions, of little monsters stayed up almost all night, until it was Christmas everywhere, waiting for the picture that never came.
    Some of these Little Monsters were getting nothing at all for Christmas because their parents couldn't afford anything. This picture was to be their whole and entire Christmas. And for them, Christmas never came.
    Some of these Little Monsters were tolerating the chaos and hostility of dysfunctional families that seem to get meaner when they get together for a holiday. That picture was to be their refuge and release. For them, that Christmas escape never came.
    Some of these Little Monsters were battling the kind of depression that seems to implode on Christmas and make everything a struggle. They were waiting for this picture the way we wait for the sunrise to dispel the darkness. For them, the sun didn't rise and they're still mired in darkness.
    Whoever chose to delay the release of this picture didn't just disappoint these Little Monsters. You devastated them. It may seem trivial to you, just a picture, but to some Little Monsters, it was the only thing they had to look forward to.
    I just wanted you to know that what you do, and don't do, has consequences that you don't have to pay, but others do. If you're not going to do something, don't say you will. Walk your talk or shut up.
  4. FashionForLife
    18:22 25 Dec 2010
    Listen, I was disappointed too, but the world isn't going to crumble. I can't take the form of every person's mind and heart, but I am a devoted, if not obsessed, little monster, and I can comply with what is going on.
    This picture was certainly something to look forward to on Christmas, but it wasn't the ONLY thing. No little monster's life was dependent upon this picture. Everyone can get their Gaga fix by re-watching the ShowStudio interview, watch performances, etc.
    Maybe these extra 6 days will be used to edit and perfect the photo some more. It will be worth the wait :]
    By the way, I realize your intentions in writing this were good, but your closing thought kind of sounds jerk-ish, especially if Gaga was the one who chose to release it New Year's.
  5. MissCandyWarhol
    18:42 25 Dec 2010
    i'm a little sad, also, but i will live. i know that Lady Gaga wants everything to be perfect for us, so i can wait. it will be that much more exciting on new years. a new year, a new era!
  6. TheCity
    19:37 25 Dec 2010
    Gaga isn't responsible for disappointing everyone. Showstudio announced the picture, not Gaga.
    You may not be as disappointed, but the surprise of getting something new from Gaga, most likely a promo for Born This Way, was Gaga's gift to us and it was the only gift some people were getting.
    On the bright side, we only have to wait 6 more days, and I'm now more positive that this is the album cover and that they just need to edit it a bit more or Gaga wanted to make the timing just perfect.
  7. Dr.Maxim
    21:43 25 Dec 2010
    Of course, the world is not going to crumble. Sure, we can wait some days more. But people are so "amazing". They promise something that they probably won't do. You must be certain at all 100 percent. And in such situation - at 200 percent. It would be better if they realized the picture silently, without any warning
  8. GabbielovesGaga
    17:40 26 Dec 2010
    What exactly is she releasing? A promo pic or will it be Born This Way's album cover?
  9. FashionForLife
    20:30 26 Dec 2010
    Actually Gaga is releasing it on her twitter, so she does have a say in it. If she decided she wanted to edit it more, etc., do you think SHOWstudio would disregard the request and release it anyway? No. I'm not saying this is the case, but its a possibility.
    I am disappointed, as are many other little monsters, all I was saying is that people's lives were not at stake or pending on this picture, as someone made it out to be. Not starting an argument, just defending myself. :]
    * just a side note, Christmas isn't about receiving gifts. It is a religious holiday signifying the birth of the son of our Lord, for those who celebrate it anyway. Christmas is also about giving, not in a materialistic sense but rather love, joy, etc.
  10. ccallumm
    03:50 27 Dec 2010
    Let it be. Do you think the talented and geniuses of wanted to let anyone down? I'm sure something came up or something wasn't to a standard they had wanted it to be. We all know it's worth the wait.
  11. alacran1029
    15:43 27 Dec 2010
    Let's all be happy that we can start the new year with an image of liberation and the hope for a year of more equality.
  12. GabbielovesGaga
    22:21 27 Dec 2010
    Cannot be any prouder of Gaga for giving all her fans a voice and the right way to equality.
  13. Connie
    06:03 17 Sep 2011
    I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dislapy!