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Last call for submissions!

Our Raw Power competition is drawing to a close -with the final deadline at midnight UK time tonight, there's barely six hours left to perfect your final films and upload them to our Submissions gallery. The final winner, chosen by Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen, will be commissioned to direct a viral internet ad for the Alexander McQueen PUMA range, to feature online and in select department stores for S/S 2010.


  1. la
    17:34 12 Oct 2009
    I have just been looking through as I have my afternoon tea break and there are some amazing films! Fun viewing tonight.Back to work now.
  2. hannah
    00:21 13 Oct 2009
    Amazing how one footage can create so many different versions through personal interpretation! Love the variety!
  3. topbrick
    09:09 21 Oct 2009
    When will you publish the results?! Two weeks passed.
  4. Stuncklebine
    10:57 11 Nov 2009
    I was just wondering when you are likely to be announcing the winner? Or does the winner already know but you are yet to announce it on the site?