by SHOWstudio Shop .

Last night's opening- Tim Shaw's 'Portraits'
at Menier Gallery until Saturday

Tim Shaw proved himself as a rising talent in the London art scene last night. Currently showing several pieces in SHOWstudio's latest exhibition, IN YOUR FACE, Tim's varied body of work reveals underlying complexities of societal values.

Last night we attended the opening of 'Portraits' Tim's second solo show at Menier Gallery, exhibiting his intricate and abstract collage pieces. Carefully cut layers of card are woven together in deliberate patterns that resemble the scientific make-up of skin. Splotches of red paint complement the neutral coloured card cutouts, with each piece of art mounted on raw canvas. Mastering the art of sculptural drawing, each of Tim's works are an abstraction of portraiture. The show consists of several smaller works, including a series entitled 'Faces', as well as a few large framed pieces, all mesmerising the viewer with their rhythmic designs.

The works on show for 'Portraits' appear as a broken-down, magnified version of the pieces exhibited at SHOWstudio, which strip and expose the male form and its psychological desires. Both shows are a must-see and provide a sense of Tim Shaw's growing artistic career.