by Penny Martin .

Late additions

This morning a package arrived from Maison Martin Margiela for late inclusion in the Bring & Buy auction that has sent the office into raptures (well, me). On the accompanying print out (pictured), the message reads:
Our BLOUSE BLANCHE (white blouse): Originally worn by models in couture ateliers between dress fittings, these white coats (one length for women, another for men) have, over the past sixteen years since our first collection in 1989, become the symbol of the team at the Maison Martin Margiela.

Glory Be!! Perhaps the most coveted piece of fashion ephemera: the white coats the Margielas wear to conduct their legendary press appointments and tend their shops. I confess, I've had the women's one on (with its darling little strap and buttonhole closure mechanism) and it was so flattering that I couldn't bear to take it off.

If any slave-to-Margiela dares bid against me (you hear me, Jonathan Kaye?), I'll scratch their name off the contributor's and/or subscriptions lists !!