by Rei Nadal .

Laura of Sadness.

Someone called me a pervert the other day for drawing boobs so I started drawing cunts too.


This illustration is for my best friend Laura. xxx




  1. vernacular
    13:50 29 Jul 2013
    Your drawings are so sexy!

  2. pietro
    22:20 30 Jul 2013
    your best friend Laura is very lucky!
    I hope she gives you something as pretty back.
  3. Nick Knight
    22:09 1 Aug 2013
    Rei, your drawings are getting better and better.
    I am so thrilled every time you send one in.
    If I owned a fashion brand or perfume company I would definately be asking you to create my advertising.
    They would look amazing as a film poster!
    Love them.
  4. Nick Knight
    22:12 1 Aug 2013
    .....and what could possibly be 'perverted' about drawing boobs.
    I hate the way sex and representations of sexuality has been demonised in this world.
    Since when has sex become a sin?
  5. Nick Knight
    22:20 1 Aug 2013
    “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” somehow seems appropriate here.
    (-Alejandro Jodorowsky quote posted on the SHOWStudio Tumblr by Erica Schriener today.)
  6. rei.nadal
    12:47 2 Aug 2013
    It isn't sex that has been and still is demonised. It's women.
  7. Nick Knight
    15:09 2 Aug 2013
    Then Rei, how come men are not allowed to be shown with erections?