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Leah Debrincat to perform live!

Belly dancer Leah Debrincat is to perform live at SHOWstudio HQ, just as soon as her intricate latex hula tassle skirt is finished. Phoebe English and her team of busy assistants have been here since morning, creating a nude bra top and matching skirt, which Leah has tried and moved in with remarkable agility. Leah herself summarises the interplay between fashion and movement in her work as, 'an exaggeration of who I am and what I am saying with each performance... I like the contrast with the tassels, because when I move, when I shimmy, they move so well.' As for English, 'it's all about respecting what something is and how something moves.' Keep your eyes pealed for more of the creative pairing's extravagant showcase on our live stream now!