1. AnD
    15:06 16 Apr 2008
    C'est la politique
  2. harley
    19:26 16 Apr 2008
    Beautifully dark and painfully glorious!
  3. Landon
    21:14 16 Apr 2008
    I see a beauracrat sadistically walking on the backs of the people who pay her salary.
  4. 1cal1
    22:10 16 Apr 2008
    Where can you buy those shoes?
  5. GalileosUniverse
    06:45 18 Apr 2008
    Betony Vernon is a Milan based jewellery designer and makes individual pieces to order ..if it helps, you can contact her via :
    http://www.betonyvernon.com/ ...
    PS. I' not promoting her :):) but I see you have a very good taste ... :):)
    19:39 30 May 2008
    Wickedly done. Turned me completely on...
    E n V o L
  7. RoseKing
    11:26 19 Dec 2008
    Whilst shot in a very atmospheric style it does leave you somewhat cold - smacks a little of desperately trying too hard to be itneresting and sexy - and though I am loathe to sound bitchy those feet are not exactly lovely to look at - talk about claw toes and the shoes look unbearable uncomfortable - though I suppose that is probably the point