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Les Smokings - Silver Screening!

As perhaps you can tell, for his live session Mr Deacon has taken our smoke and mirrors theme quite literally, plastering the walls in distinctly Warholian tin-foil and drafting in a smoke machine as a tongue-in-cheek touch typical of his ever-humorous design style. His Le Smoking itself has a touch of the Ziggy Stardust to it, slim-cut in sparkling whip-stitched silver leather dripping with fringes and fit for any woman or, indeed, skinny and flamboyant fella (in case Bowie is watching). There's also a hint of the Wizard Of Oz's Tin Man to this number - but maybe that's just the bolted-on label (no chance of forgetting which designer devised this jacket then!). And in case you're wondering about the endless oscillation, Giles & Co. have hooked the hanger up to a glitterball mechanism - we had the smoke, and there's the mirrors!

Giles Deacon's truly one-off silver leather Le Smoking will be offered for purchase in the SHOWstudio Shop very soon - email to make further enquiries