by Alexander Fury .

Let it snow

Maybe Galliano has spent his set budget on the special effects? His Russian Ark of Romany gypsies are parading out in a purple halo of billowing snow. I mean, I know the venue is a bit chilly but this is ridiculous!


  1. GalileosUniverse
    04:45 13 Mar 2009
    Perhaps a Galliano's ALLEGORY to the ongoing CLIMATE CHANGE ? ..... indeed Nature's seasons-timing are getting, to put it mildly, rather .... ridicule :)
  2. Natalya
    20:04 7 Apr 2013
    I saw the same was him talking to Robert Schueller Sr. saniyg their were more ways into heaven than Jesus Christ. I am just not sure if this weas real, or something someone fabricated to look like it because I have come across tons of stuff on Youtube where they do stuff like that in order to cause confusion in people about that person. He has come back and said that none of this is true, although it looked real to me. I am not sure what to think; I have my apprehensions. Although in this video, the message is powerful and he's not saniyg anything like I posted it.