by Britt Lloyd .

Liberty and Amanda

Liberty Ross, Lady Amanda Harlech and Jimmy Lovine popped by for a lovely evening, chatting and looking at pictures by Nick Knight for the forthcoming Isabella Blow exhibition, that will be held at Somerset House this November.


  1. pietro
    22:21 30 Jul 2013
    Issy Blow exhibition!!!?
    She was the best and the greatest!
  2. osirisgardengun
    12:21 1 Aug 2013
    I am planing the whole year just go and be there! Isabella was the flower that never would fade
  3. Britt Lloyd
    14:41 1 Aug 2013
    Looking forward to the exhibition in November!
  4. funeral
    14:50 1 Aug 2013
    Will the photographs be released on SHOWstudio?
  5. Markn
    15:07 1 Aug 2013
    Love this photograph!
  6. Nick Knight
    22:03 1 Aug 2013
    Yes , funeral, the pictures will all be released on SHOWstudio as well as a exclusive film by the very brilliant Ruth Hogben.