by Penny Martin .

Liberty Ross Project Re-dressed

Just to prove that projects seldom turn out as you first think, Nick Knight has rung from his holiday (he would say that SHOWstudio IS his holiday) to talk through the following potential amendments to Liberty Ross's project.

First of all, cast your mind back to the pre-production meeting for SITTINGS: THIRTY MEN, Simon Foxton's project. Or, indeed, have a look at the film of it. Towards the end, Simon Foxton slipped Nick a sheaf of tear-sheets from a porno mag, depicting women in various states of undress from clothed to naked. Well, these have inveigled their way into Liberty's project, possibly providing a solution to the unresolved matter of what would be the *motivation* for the live event. Reading between the lines, the piece will now act as a sort of 'fashion tug-of-war' between viewer and photographer, where we will give viewers options to dress Liberty and Nick will gradually undress her, photographing her throughout, until she is ready to be re-dressed for the next shot.

So, this is less 'Living Doll' (previous working title), than 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' (Nick's creative rememberance of title for the Almodovar film). Of course, none of this is yet confirmed and as Liberty is planning to return to LA before the shoot, it could push the event back to the start of June.