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Liberty Ross talks to Nick Knight about modelling with Kate Moss

Continuing our Subjective series, Nick Knight sat down with Liberty Ross to discuss shooting with Mario Testino alongside Kate Moss. The series sees Knight interview top models in an attempt to create a history of contemporary fashion photography from a new perspective.

Recalling Testino's 2001 Burberry campaign, shot while still very early on in her career, Ross describes the busy atmosphere of the Burberry shoots and her feelings about working alongside Kate Moss. 'I was very fresh on the scene, and I'd been a huge admirer of Kate for years, it was really a dream to work with her,' she explains. On being shot by Testino, she explains, 'I was learning. I remember Mario said to me, 'when you walk into the room in the morning Liberty, make sure you say hello to the photographer.' Because I was still like, 'oh I don't know, where do I go!' and I would go to the hairdresser and get my hair done just so I could be doing something!'

Watch the interview now, and stay glued to the series as it continues!