by Greg French .

Lily Cole's directorial debut, 'Wild Rubber'

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No stranger to the camera, model Lily Cole has stepped behind the lens to make her directorial debut for Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF, as part of their inititative to save one billion trees.

Shot on Cole's own super 8 camera, the film is a story of exploration, embracing nature and uncovering the wonders of the rainforest. During a one week visit to the awe-inspiring Amazon Rainforest, Cole explored the space alone and captured everything from caterpillars, to the experiences she shared with local wild rubber workers.

Cole captured some of the magical sounds of the rainforest on her iPhone and also provided an exclusive soundtrack, written and performed by her. The simple and enchanting sounds give the film an effortless energy, which helps to encapsulate the raw beauty of the Amazon. 

Towards the end, the film takes a sinister turn, as a message to viewers on the dangers that this beautiful and self-sustainable space is facing. Juxstaposing HD footage with Cole's previous filmscape, the video is an ardent plee to prevent further human destruction in this wonderous environment.

'Travelling to Acre, Brazil, I was very inspired by the possibilities Amazonian wild rubber offers in our effort to halt deforestation,' said Cole of her work on the film.

A great film, for a great cause - watch it above now!