by Alexander Fury .

Lily on set!

After having my own moment filming our first highlight to introduce the project in front of Nick's camera, I was quite happy to hand over the reins to the professionals - and Lily is of course working the first of Jonathan Kaye's looks like the star she is. Before the shoot, Nick talked about approximating the creamy porcelain skin of high Renaissance portraiture to contrast with the austere, severe elegance of the clothing. Accordingly Sam McKnight, Val Garland and Marian Newman went to work, bleaching Lily's eyebrows, buffing her hands to marbled sheen and tousling her locks into a thick, flowing mane straight out of a Tintoretto anointment. The end result alongside those sleek chic clothes? Something like the immaculate Babe Paley meets Titian's Immaculate Conception. What a modern vision.


  1. SAKIS
    23:44 10 Nov 2008
    can't imagine anyone in the industry would allow Nick to put a Tintoretto female physique in front of the camera.
    it'd be nice if our friends at showstudio turned the camera around from the models to the equiptment, just for one day.
    have the model film Nick walk us through his tool shed.
  2. SAKIS
    23:48 10 Nov 2008
    yeah, and take beautiful pictures of all the equiptment after a beautiful explanation of their function in the studio.
    call the project : Life Blood
    a showstudio exclusive