by Penny Martin .

Limi Yamamoto Exclusive!

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We have a bit of a story for you! Limi Yamamoto, Yohji's daughter, will be showing in Paris next season. Having designed under her own name for the past 4 or 5 years, she showed off-schedule as 'Limi Feu' tonight, where her PR-to-be in Paris, Nathalie Ours, excitedly confirmed the rumours. The pre-show atmosphere was markedly heightened among a blue chip audience containing Yohji himself and his retired dressmaker mother. It's difficult to say what the international press will make of collections bearing a distinct resemblance to a stripped down, lighter version of early Yohji. But a local journalist made an analogy of Tao and Comme: that the former evoked the spirit of the latter but brought it contemporary relevance to a younger audience. What would Kawakubo San have to say about that?!