by Penny Martin .


We're normally pretty explicit about what we're up to in the studio: I mean, you can watch us on webcam if you so wish, for goodness sakes! But I have to confess that there is something we haven't mentioned because it's been on the verge of confirmation for what feels like ages. But now I'm fit to burst and am going to have to just spill and live with the consequences!! Let's just say there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that Linda Evangelista will be live on SHOWstudio to take your questions this Thursday (2nd Feb) in an In Camera-style interview!!

Dorian is working on the code to create a system to receive your questions as I write, which Mr Bruty will have to post on Monday, so you'll have to save them up until then. We're counting on you people to come up with some good ones, though, for the woman who may or may not have famously said she doesn't get out of bed for less than ten grand! (Get a load of her sexy accordion playing in ECLIPSE and tell me she's not worth every penny.)