by Alexander Fury .

Live residency by master milliner Stephen Jones

The first personality to take centre-stage in our Bruton Place LiveStudio during our Florist exhibition will be none other than master milliner Stephen Jones. On Tuesday 30 November, Jones' unique talent will be showcased in a live stream for one day only, the first in a series of performances simultaneously celebrating's ten year anniversary and creating unique floral artefacts to be exhibited at the Florist exhibition and offered for sale. Throughout the day, Jones' entire creative process will be revealed, from the raw medium to the final touches of his vision.

Log in from 10:00 GMT for all the action live!


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    21:18 20 Nov 2010
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  2. LindaBrown
    21:19 20 Nov 2010
  3. someonegreat
    10:26 23 Nov 2010
    So incredibly excited for this. I will be saving to buy the hat when it hits the site for sure!