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LIVE SHOOT - Power Dressing: Self-defense meets haute couture

This weekend sees our latest live shoot leap into action, with Nick Knight collaborating for the first time with model Lara Stone and stylist Carine Roitfeld to capture a modern vision of feminine strength in Power Dressing. But this isn't about the aesthetic adumbration of shoulder pads and towering heels: Power Dressing seeks to explore the very real violence of the modern world, and to help arm a woman against it. The standard preparation for a shoot is hair and make-up, but for Power Dressing Stone has specially trained in Krav Maga, a self-defence system used by the Israeli Defence Forces. She will be modelling the best looks of Spring/Summer 2012, as chosen by Roitfeld, enacting scenarios of self-defence whilst sporting high fashion. It's very apt that two of fashion's most fearless females should be collaborating on such a pioneering project - it's sure to produce a revolution in the concept of power dressing. To pick up some high-fashion self-defence tips for yourself, and to see all the action take place, tune in on Sunday and Monday at 11:00 GMT