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Live Shoot Tomorrow!

Invited by Arena Homme + magazine to photograph the highlights of John Galliano’s outlandish Autumn/Winter ’07-8 collection, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton will be in the studio tomorrow and Thursday, staging one of the explosive action shoots that are the hallmark of their longstanding creative collaboration. From 11:00hrs (UK time) tomorrow, the cameras will be streaming live coverage of Galliano’s prehistoric fashions, giving those with a penchant for woolen Minotaurs, skintight briefs and Samurai swordsmen a perfect opportunity to indulge their tastes for the primeval and the preposterous in equal measure.


  1. BabyAnne
    09:04 21 Feb 2007
    WOW this is going to be amazing, can't wait!
  2. Angelica
    09:02 18 Feb 2012
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