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LIVE STUDIO - Charles Jeffrey's 'Boy Meets Wool' is coming soon!

Over the years, numerous designers and makers have taken up residence at SHOWstudio for a set number of days to create a garment or artwork live on camera, while answering questions from viewers.

Continuing this tradition, Charles Jeffrey will be in the studio from 19 to 21 April. He will replicate his studio environment, inviting friends and collaborators to join him for chats as he works.

The pieces will be made with the help of knitwear design Tracey Turbitt-Lewis, who collaborates with Jeffrey regularly, and the final creation will be modelled by performance artist Kevin Le Grand Bailor. 

The Woolmark Company team up with SHOWstudio for the first time to help provide Jeffrey with fabric expertise and special access to some of the UK’s best mills. In the weeks leading up to to the broadcast, Jeffrey visited the Laxtons and Bower Roebuck mills in Yorkshire; the former focuses on knitting craft, while the latter deals with making the fabrics themselves.

Over three days, Jeffrey will create a wool item live on camera, discussing and revealing his working process, from conception to completion. He will take questions from viewers while he works.

Submit a question now or revisit previous live studios such as Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones and Claire Barrow!

Be sure to tune in on 19, 20 and 21 of April to watch the process unfold live on camera!