by Ben Knight Evans .

London Fashion Week: b Store

This evening we saw b Store's presentation of its A/W 2011 Collection at a grand townhouse on Portland Place. Based on the teenage wistfulness of 'My Own Private Idaho', the collection reached its aim in presenting a refined and crystallised vision of adolescent 'so what' and 'I am', and accessed many recognised first steps to grown-up dressing. Mixing bouclé jackets, shapeless hats reminiscent of Stephen Jones' A/W 06 creations for Louis Vuitton, plaid, wool and boxy masculine tailoring for boys and girls, the collection was a defined expression of relaxed confidence in early man- and womanhood.

Ben Knight Evans

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  1. Cyrille
    12:45 4 Sep 2013
    Good show as usual guys. I want to clarify sitemhong, despite all the shit Marvel gets up to, I still love Marvel characters and have done for a long time. There are Marvel books that I wish I was still getting and my last column explains why it isn't any easy stance for me. To paraphrase John F Kennedy We don't do these things because they are easy, we do them because they are hard . Its not easy to hear your mates say how great The Avengers movie and I have to explain for the nth time why I am not going to see it but hopefully if people speak out about it, it might help the situation. And its not just Kirby, Don Heck was involved with Lee and Kirby in creating Iron Man and co-created Black Widow and Hawkeye with Stan Lee. Now that Kirby's family are getting treated so bad, Hecks family have no chance of benefitting either. Incidentally my next column is a manga one.