by Alexander Fury .

London Fashion Week: The Kick-Off!

New York Fashion week is barely twelve hours cold, but the London Collections have already begun! Well, just about - our first show, Jean-Pierre Braganza, begins in just over half an hour, and we've already made a pit-stop at the Preen presentation (more from that later). It's difficult to anticipate what London Fashion Week will show, given the eclectic mix of designers and hectic pace of the shows (our edited list of highlights include no less than forty-eight shows over the next five days). Be prepared for many a disjointed update from me as we race between the different venues and visions of the various shows on and off the schedule, as well blogs from our guest stars Francesca Burns and Susanna Lau, and our intrepid intern Ben Evans, who will be giving me a helping hand as the days unfold.

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  1. Romby
    15:11 14 Sep 2011
    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aritcle.