by Alexander Fury .

London Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2012: Sibling's Ribaldry

Whirling myself like a dervish from show to show, I rarely get chance to plonk my carcass down and tap out an ode to a show that I unashamedly and unabashedly adore. More's the pity when you're confronted with fantastical phantasmagoria like Sister by Sibling - pom-poms, multicoloured goat fur, lashings of leopard and sequin-studded face-masks to boot. Just the thing to rob a terribly fashionable bank in - but you're bound to get caught. It warrants a second glance at the NEWGEN stands over the next few days. Incidentally, Katie Grand - LOVE magazine Editor in Chief and one of the most influential ladies in fashion - was the styling hand behind this blinder. She's up for Giles on Monday too, before legging it to Paris for Loewe and Louie Vouie. Busy G.