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Louis Vuitton champions Ruth Hogben's fashion films on the catwalk

As models emerged from behind numbered doors into the Louis Vuitton hotel corridor, intimate scenes were revealed to the audience. Courtesy of fashion filmmaker and SHOWstudio friend Ruth Hogben, the short fashion films allowed guests at the luxury label’s Autumn/Winter 2013 show to a peak into the fantasy life of each model. We are so very proud of Ruth for her stunning contribution to one of the most memorable shows of the season.

Commenting live from the show, our Paris reporter Kiki Georgiou observed how Hogben’s fashion films created a story and added depth to the show. Elevating Marc Jacobs’ narrative, Hogben’s scenes included a balding man sat beside a bed, a woman slipping her stockings on and another looking out of the window. Once again Hogben proved the power of fashion film and showcased the amazing effect it can have when championed on the catwalk.

For images of Hogben’s projections, Kate Moss’ return to the runway and Marc Jacobs’ red pyjamas, rediscover the exciting show on our collections page now.