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Louis Vuitton 'Fan Club' now online
By Ruth Hogben and Katie Grand

How to celebrate fourteen years of Marc Jacobs helming the house of Louis Vuitton? Well, in retrospect, a phalanx of Louis-leotarded lovelies performing a Busby Berkley song-and-dance routine seems the natural choice, and was just what director Ruth Hogben and LOVE magazine Editor In Chief Katie Grand concocted in their latest fashion film collaboration, Fan Club, which premieres on the LOVE website today. Adorned with frills, feathers - in the form of fans, naturally enough - and all the fripperies of Jacobs' tenure, Hogben and Grand's models perform intricate, geometric dance routines to showcase the accessories that have not only become trademarks of Jacobs' incarnation of Louis Vuitton, but have helped redefine the way we consider fashion today. After all, pre-MJ LV, could you imagine the phrase 'It Bag' being uttered, much less defining fashion? Or indeed the concept of a must-have shoe - you get a dozen or so pairs here, from the towering, platform-free bow-fronted pumps of Winter 2010 to this season's sugarplum pastel mules in silver-tipped patent. But Fan Club isn't just a showy vehicle for those multi-bajillion earning accessories - it's about the fandom of modern fashion, and the fact that much like those Depression-era Berkley extravaganzas, fashion can transport us from drab and dreary reality into a more magical place. That's certainly the case with Fan Club - an infatuated paean to both Vuitton and fashion as a whole if ever there was one

Fan Club showcases exclusively on to coincide with the publication of LOVE 7 'After Taste' Spring/Summer 2012