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Louis Vuitton live panel discussion at 08:45 GMT

Tune in at 08:45 GMT for the Louis Vuitton live panel discussion on Wednesday 6 March 2013. 

Joining our chairwoman Lou Stoppard is a panel of expert voices in the fashion industry including producer Camilla Johnson-Hill. Johnson-Hill is the owner of The Production Club, a pioneering photographic stills production company with clients such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Dior and Jil Sander. They will be joined by acclaimed fashion writer Hilary Alexander, who will share her experience as a crowned journalist with top prizes from the British Fashion Council in 1998 and 2003. As senior editor in retail, architecture & spaces at Stylus Media Group Katie Baron will round up the panel offering a trend and research perspective on Louis Vuitton's collection.

Don't miss debates on Marc Jacob's latest show and the second to last live panel discussion on the Paris Autumn/Winter 2013 collections.