by Alexander Fury .

Louise Goldin 'Swarovski' Episode

Week by week, our latest film project continues to 'unravel' the months of painstaking and back-breaking labour behind the A/W 2009 collection of award-winning British knitwear wizard Louise Goldin. This week we examine Goldin's continuing and ever-evolving relationship with crystal company Swarovski, a long-term provider of creative and financial support for the international fashion industry who have collaborated with Goldin for three concurrent seasons. The latest installment in our ten-part Unravelled series, the aptly-titled Swarovski, focusses on the fruits of this collaboration as showcased in Goldin's internationally-acclaimed new collection, incorporating a wealth of studio footage alongside exclusive interviews with Louise herself and Swarovski's Vice President of International Communications Nadja Swarovski, the whole offering a further insight into Goldin's unique talent.