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'Love Me' fashion film by Ruth Hogben starring Karlie Kloss launches today!
The first instalment of 'Fashion Fetish'

Love Me - a new, exclusive and truly unique fashion film by Ruth Hogben starring Karlie Kloss - is the first instalment in the latest SHOWstudio project Fashion Fetish, launching today. Showcased alongside the 2012 SHOWstudio Shop exhibition Selling Sex, this series of fashion films, performances and multi-media pieces makes a comment on the fusion of fashion with fetish, a contentious and provocative subject. One Fashion Fetish 'piece' of various media will be released each week for the duration of the Selling Sex exhibition from 22 March - 1 June 2012. As with the entirely female roster of artists included in Selling Sex, Fashion Fetish hands the power to female fashion professionals, asking them to address the notion of 'Fashion Fetish' and examine their individual visions of women and their relationship with appearance, adornment and clothing. This project offers a clear field, a blank canvas and an open mind to a selection of some of the most important women working in fashion today, inviting them to present their own interpretation of the abstract notion of Fashion Fetish. To begin the project, Ruth Hogben and Karlie Kloss collaborate, presenting the notion of a woman exploring different aspects of her character and narcissistic love. In Hogben's own words, 'It explores a woman's different facets and how she can choose to be a different character on a whim. Her fetish is herself.' Tune in each week to see a new representation of the female form by fashion greats, including the likes of Lady Amanda Harlech and Daphne Guinness, Lily Donaldson, Liberty Ross and Dasha Zhukova of Garage magazine. Next, from 2 April 2012, artist Rei Nadal will take the reins of the SHOWstudio Tumblr for one week for her instalment - more details soon.


  1. Byoo
    13:13 26 Mar 2012
    This is an anorectic nightmare! Shame on you !
  2. anonymous
    21:12 27 Mar 2012
    quite thin