by Andrew Gow .

Mandi Lennard Press Day

Aitor Throup
Nasir Mazhar

Yesterday was my first Mandi Lennard Press Day, the famous PR known for keeping London’s youthquake alive in her basement, a place where you will also find top fashion editors eyeing up the latest objets de cultes with expressions ranging from bewilderment and delight to fear.

Mandi, whom I am told has an exceptionally high fabulousity quotient, sported hot pink nails with Nike Swoosh logos this season – coordinated thoughtfully with the fuchsia and violet psychedelic fairy cakes that perched atop her dainty cake stands. What a thrill for the eye!

Penny and I had a good old ogle at her wares…and we have to say, this is a lady with visionary taste. Gareth Pugh’s latest A/W – so tactile to the touch, so luxury; Pam Hoggs’s wonderful flight of metallic fancy in a range of chevronned jackets – so glittery, so you; as well as Carrie Mundane's inimitable answer to contempo-casual, Cassette Playa, which came accompanied by a new film in aceeeeed colours. Carrie was there too, looking positively patrician against all that dayglo madness.

So what were some of the pieces that really took our fancy? Well. We thought these headpieces from Nasir Mazhar (top) were simply delish. Very giddy-up, don’t you think? And these skull-shaped accoutrements from Aitor Throup were rather fetching too. We hope they’ll both be in a shop near us very soon.


  1. JaimeKay
    20:24 12 Mar 2008
    I am really obsessed with those Nasir Mazhar headpieces...can anyone tell me how to get ahold of their press people? I work for a stylist in NY and really want to use them
  2. PennyMartin
    15:44 13 Mar 2008