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‘Mannequin: A Tribute to Danni’ by Alice Hawkins

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‘I’m obsessed with Page 3 girls,’ professes Alice Hawkins, and her Political Fashion film exerts equal focus on Glamour model Danni Wells and the politics of sex, gender and taste. ‘Mannequin’ is a dual homage: both to Wells as a mannequin (in the most old-fashioned sense), and equally to the 1987 Andrew McCarthy/Kim Cattrall camp classic.


  1. marko
    09:37 17 Mar 2008
    This is another project that is just self promotion, it does not comment on the notion of the page three model and how she is perceived in a wider cultural context; would have been interesting to see a man in page three type poses.
  2. bamia
    10:35 17 Mar 2008
    i love this. bring back pretty girls.
  3. la
    14:27 17 Mar 2008
    i love Ms Hawkins .She is one of the most intresting photographers/film makers around at the moment.This film is subtle in its representation of her views on the world of Glamour modeling and i like it for that. I really hope she does more films as her obvious fascination with lap dancers,page 3 girls,Versace ,Essex is always refreshing to see. Her politics seem to come from finding beauty where others never think of looking.
  4. delarosa
    14:50 17 Mar 2008
    i agree, it's refreshing...a "glamour model" is far more political than a woman in a head scarf...
  5. harley
    15:51 17 Mar 2008
    It's like watching Jeff Koons in motion! This is the best yet!
  6. marko
    18:54 17 Mar 2008
    There seems to be confusion with art and fashion: a glamour type photo shoot only panders to the people who look at page three and buy lads mags, or females who like nice pictures of women. If I was just viewing the stills for the this project, I would assume that it was an advert for high quality lingerie. Jeff Koons created a series of pictures of his wife, who was a well known porn star. Is this a commercial posing as a political statement?
  7. WilliamCruzBermeo
    21:40 24 Mar 2008
    Eighties are back? I think so. It's not my prefer aesthetic.But I recognize that you took a risk.
  8. Lambchop
    22:44 5 Apr 2008
    Marko, are you watching the same film? The whole point of this film, so far as I can tell, is that the content (bleach blonde, tan, lingerie) taunts the wizened viewer to expect a full-frontal, a flash of breasts, all the things that the average page 3 reader takes for granted every morning over his cornflakes. This film concentrates on her face. Her. And hoever looks at her face?? There is humanity there every day on page three if you look twice. Love the music.
  9. replicant
    10:47 8 Apr 2008
    I love this video piece. Alice always makes us look at women in a different beautiful way. This is a political message to me as most of the shows, shoots or campaigns that I work on they never cast girls who look like this. Is it because designers, casting agents, fashion photographers and so on aren't interested in this kind of beauty? I'd love to see a Prada show cast with girls who look like Danni or a Vogue cover....