by Penny Martin .

Margiela's new silhouette

A great start to the week at Maison Margiela with a non-stop run of fan-pleasing looks that women are still going to want to wear. Their news is the new, graphic silhouette with structured shoulders, sinuous lines over the hip and long, long legs that either bundled up at the ankle or created trailing trains. Capes, stars and beads were other -perhaps less attention demanding- emblems but devotees are going to love the 'half unpeeled' tailoring, these fishnet shawl dresses (great tip for a masked ball, anyone?) and the shoes with plexiglass heels. Me? Loved all of it.


  1. auguste
    21:49 1 Oct 2006
    La fille du dompteur de cirque, bleu électrique avec étoiles blanches, en triangle, à tomber.
    Does anyone know who did the sound design?
  2. detlev
    10:07 2 Oct 2006
    some of the broad notch lapels were rather novel but the flesh coloured tops might take a bit of getting used to
  3. PennyMartin
    14:51 9 Oct 2006
    I'm sitting here with Patrick Scallon, International Communications Art
    Director for Maison Martin Margiela. In response to your question, he
    "hello there August its great to see that the soundtrack is of such interest
    as we have never before spent so muchj time on it!
    We worked with Angelo sapardo here in Paris for the second time to realise
    an idea and concept that we have wished to develop for a long time. We used
    three pieces of music that were inderwoven into whwt was as close to one
    track as we could muster!!
    It began with the opening movement from Radiohead, Motion Picture soundtrack
    from Kid A then moved into tarentel, fridge with the treble pumped up
    (thanks Jason!) then back to Motion picture soundtrack with even more harps
    added then back to a full base version of the Taentel Track and finally it
    moved into the Track called Seer from the self titled Witch album (thanks
    Colin). We had guitar sounds from Angelos buddy Pascal playing over the
    tarntel track at key moments.
    Well after a reply like this you can never say we didnt tell you so!! Thanx
    and bye frop Patrick (trainspotter)!