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Marian Newman interview launched

The latest in our in-depth, in focus In Fashion interview series is an intimate tête-à-tête with former forensic scientist and now manicurist par excellence Marian Newman. Delving into career highlights including shoots with Nick Knight (in a dodgy basement and men's toilet respectively) and Alexander McQueen's Eclect Dissect show for Givenchy - no doubt right up a former forensic's street, what with the simulated human body parts as haute couture adornment - this is a unique profile of a woman rightly acknowledged as a beauty pioneer, and the finest nail technician in the industry.


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  1. someonegreat
    21:00 14 Apr 2010
    It's so fantastic to see people utterly and totally enthused about their chosen craft. Its easy to see why Newman has been so incredibly successful. She's pretty fantastic.