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Marie Schuller Fashion Fetish films launched!

Fashion Fetish has a new addition! Filmmaker Marie Schuller contributes her own take on female eroticism in a provocative series of three films. Schuller's trio are not linked, instead each exceptional work is born from a unique concept, united only by the fact they all unpick fetish and the female nude. Featuring a central work, Visiting Hour - which boldly combats the under-representation of mature women in sexual imagery - and two supporting films, Oyster and Pierce, the series continues Fashion Fetish's commitment to in-depth exploration of all aspects of female sexuality. From explicit footage of a nipple being pierced to a fashionable flasher getting nude on the tube, this unmissable series is a meticulous and, at points, moving exploration of  private desire, public exhibitionism and external fantasies of the female form. See it now!


  1. RP
    11:40 2 May 2012
  2. Amina
    07:12 12 May 2013
    This is a great note, Ken thank you for sharing it.I think our gestaert fear and worry that comes from endings is that many see the ending as final and with finality comes sadness, worry or despair that there is nothing but darkness on the other end. The thought of darkness provides for a bleak outlook who wouldn't be afraid of that?Accepting that an ending is necessary for a new beginning requires trust, faith and courage. How many people who feared an ending looked back on their life with gratitude, recognizing that their current situation would not have been possible if the old one had not ended in some way.Practically anything in life that grows grows from the ending of something else. This is a natural way of the Universe. Thank you for a great sharing, Ken.In gratitude for your insight and sharing.Harry