by Ben Knight Evans .

Mariée and marié close the show and the day at Yohji Yamamoto

A spectacular take on couture's traditional closing mariée, this evening's Yohji Yamamoto show ended with a bride and groom's ceremonial take to the runway at Bercy's Palais Omnisport. A show that featured tailcoats, ten-foot trains and occasionally their amalgam could have hinted at such a finale but Yamamoto's intricately engineered looks of formal tailoring and proletarianism left no room to second guess him.

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  1. Anita
    11:16 10 May 2013
    Wow, this is cool. I always like your posts but when they are on faiohsn I especially like them... hehe. I think it's interesting how he switched and eventually got into faiohsn. That one nude outfit with bubbles looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. Great pics!-Dale