by Alexander Fury .

Marketa Uhlirova on the Fashion In Film Festival

As our own Political Fashion season draws to a close, another examination of fashion through the moving image is just about to begin (there must be something in the air). The second Fashion in Film festival kicks off this Saturday, and therefore the time seemed right to speak with programme curator Marketa Uhlirova about the ideas both behind and within If Looks Could Kill: Cinema’s Images of Fashion, Crime and Violence.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    08:24 9 May 2008
    I enjoyed that interview ! ...'Blood and Black Lace' definitely a great feast to the eye ( as in fashion ) ... immaculate ... the scene where the bag is waiting to be taken and building up the suspense is just absolutely perfect ! ... a great inspiration for a Prada-add-bag ... perhaps ? :)
  2. michellemarion
    13:01 10 May 2008
    The movie did not work.