by Christabel Stewart .

Meanwhile, downtown

I have been mulling over an idea motivated by our core twin interests in the potential of 'live-ness' and the 'creativity in process' that would involve curated coverage of the flourishing scene of artists that include performance in their practice, and incorporating certain music events that also have an acute influence on this culture. Donald Urquhart, who contributed brilliantly acerbic text and imagery to our Leigh Bowery GUISER project last year, put on an event this week that combined performance, music and drawings. On Wednesday night his influential 1990s nightclub 'The Beautiful Bend' was celebrated with a one-night revival in the bar of the ICA, London. By his own admission Donald has come a circuitous route to his current art world context (including his nomination in the current Beck's Future's show at the ICA) that now welcomes in the spirit of the nightclub where he originally and unwittingly honed the visual practice that is being considered anew in the gallery context. Donald's feminine club host persona was very elegant in striking oversize wooden necklace and Hollywood grooming, and his audience reeled around in splendid abandon, their rainbow costume colours providing the right ornament to Donald's monochrome posters. Blown-up and displayed large, they were ripped down in a careful frenzy at the end of the night to be savored as the must-have souvenir of a decade of vaudeville energy. I wonder if it is possible to capture the provocative, uncompromising energy of this kind of event satisfactorily? I certainly joined in my own capture of the creative aesthetic by taking a poster or two...